Build a support team to help manage your advanced melanoma

A support team can help in all aspects of your cancer care. The list below outlines the people who may be included in your support team, as well as the kind of support you can expect from each of them.
See what types of support KEY + YOU offers patients and caregivers.

Health care team


How they can help

  • Keep track of how your treatment is going
  • Make suggestions on managing side effects
  • Address concerns about how you’re feeling
  • Advise you on which foods to eat while on treatment
  • Make suggestions on starting an exercise routine
Friends and Family

Friends and family


How they can help

  • Prepare meals
  • Run errands
  • Do household chores
  • Get you to and from treatment
  • Keep you company and listen when you need to talk
Support Groups

Support groups


How they can help

  • Share in the experiences of others
  • Have someone there to listen to you
  • Benefit from the support of others who may be going through the same thing
  • Trade tips for coping with the ups and downs of treatment

Where to go for more advanced melanoma support

Cancer Hope Network
A nonprofit organization that matches cancer patients or family members with trained volunteer cancer survivors who themselves have undergone and recovered from a similar cancer experience

Imerman Angels
A nonprofit organization that partners patients and caregivers of the same age and gender who are facing the same type of cancer

An independent website that offers patients and caregivers a place where they can connect online to discuss important health issues

An online cancer support network that instantly connects patients and caregivers, based on a specific diagnosis, to relevant peers and resources

KEY+YOU can also help, with 24/7 nurse support

Online or over the phone, KEY+YOU offers support that goes beyond medicine. If you have questions or need assistance signing up, please call 85-KEYTRUDA (855-398-7832).