Treatment with KEYTRUDA

KEYTRUDA is FDA-approved to treat patients with advanced melanoma. The information below can help give you a better idea of how treatment with KEYTRUDA works.

  • How Will You Receive KEYTRUDA?

    How will I receive KEYTRUDA?

    Your doctor will give you KEYTRUDA into your vein through an intravenous (IV) line. Treatments usually take place at your doctor’s office or an infusion clinic.
  • How Long Does Treatment Take?
    How Long Does Treatment Take?

    How long does treatment take?

    Treatment with KEYTRUDA is usually given over 30 minutes every 3 weeks. Dosing once every 3 weeks means more time between infusions compared to another immunotherapy.*
  • How Long Will I Stay on KEYTRUDA?

    How long will I stay on KEYTRUDA?

    Every patient is different. For that reason, your doctor will decide how many treatments you need, based on your experience with KEYTRUDA.

*As compared to the usual every 2-week dosing of nivolumab when given by itself.