Get support that goes beyond medicine

In addition to the care you receive from your health care team, KEY+YOU provides you and your caregivers with nurse support 24/7 throughout your treatment with KEYTRUDA.

For those being treated with KEYTRUDA, support that's here for you, online or on the telephone

KEY+YOU is here for you, offering:

  • Nurse Support Available by Telephone 24/7
    Nurse Support available by telephone, 24/7
  • Resources
    Resources that can help you with practical, everyday needs, like referrals to transportation for getting to treatment, and child-care or adult-care support
  • Referrals to The Merck Access Program
    Referrals to The Merck Access Program for assistance with paying for treatment and insurance coverage questions
  • Tools & Tips
    Tools & Tips to help you try to manage how you feel during treatment, and tools to help you manage stress before and after getting a scan

KEY+YOU nurses can provide general information about KEYTRUDA. The information provided through the KEY+YOU Patient Support Program for KEYTRUDA does not take the place of talking to your doctor or health care team. If you have any questions that are specific to your medical condition or treatment, or you’re having side effects, please contact your doctor’s office right away.

If you have questions or need assistance signing up for KEY+YOU, please call
85-KEYTRUDA (855‑398‑7832).