Your health care team and
advanced melanoma

A health care team can provide a broad range of support and information. Your team may include the health care professionals listed below.

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Your Primary Care Provider  
This doctor, also known as a general practitioner or family doctor, is usually the first doctor you’ll see if you have symptoms or general questions about your health care. In addition, your primary care provider plays an important role by helping you manage health conditions associated with your cancer diagnosis. Your health care team may also include a nurse practitioner or physician assistant.
Your Oncologist  
An oncologist is a doctor who specializes in treating cancers, such as advanced melanoma. He or she may be the main doctor you see from your initial cancer diagnosis to choosing the right therapy to evaluating how your treatment is working. If you have any questions—no matter how small—talk with your oncologist.
Your Oncology Nurse  
Like your oncologist, your oncology nurse is an expert in caring for people with cancer. Throughout your diagnosis and treatment, he or she will be there to help manage your symptoms, answer questions, and provide support.

Although these may be some of the members of your health care team, your team may vary throughout your diagnosis and treatment. As your team changes, be sure to understand the role each new member has in your cancer care.

Finding a doctor

It is important to feel comfortable with your health care team and understand your disease and treatment. For help talking to doctors, download a doctor discussion guide.

Here are some things to consider when choosing your doctor:

  • Experience Treating Patients With Advanced Melanoma
    Experience treating patients with advanced melanoma
  • Provider Is Covered by Your Insurance
    Whether the provider is covered by your insurance
  • Talking With Your Doctor
    Comfort talking with your doctor about your treatment options and other aspects of your
    cancer care
  • Doctor's Office Location
    Location of your doctor’s office and getting to and from treatment

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